What is a Transformational Energy Session?

Energy work can feel like Reiki — light and tingly, like subtle movements within the body, or like a gentle massage without the touch. Sessions begin with guided breath and meditation. Blocks are identified and lifted with energy, guided visualization, toning or a release point. Sessions are helpful for de-stressing, wellness, pain relief and gentle emotional release.

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How will this
help me?

Energy sessions are perfect for deep relaxation and stress relief. Some have said it’s the first time they’ve accessed this level of internal relaxation, and many have reported significant pain reduction. Sessions can also help release emotional wounds or shift out of anxiety and depression gently and quickly.

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What is Transformational Energy + Coaching?

Focused support supplements the energetic experience, helping it to be deeper and more beneficial than it would be otherwise. Emotional and spiritual tools are given to achieve a goal or overcome a particular issue, leading to a supported life transformation.

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What are workplace sessions?

Workplace Transformational Energy sessions are focused on stress relief and relaxation, like hiring a masseuse for the day. They are performed on-site at the workplace for general well-being, with a series of time slots made available to employees. Sessions are a wonderful complement to any health and wellness program.

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